New Laws Regarding Payslip Regulations


As of April 6th, 2019 new laws regarding Payslips came into effect as part of the government’s Good Work Plan, announced in December 2018.

These new laws mean 300,000 workers will receive payslips for the first time. It requires employers to provide a more detailed payslip which shows the variable rate of pay and hours worked. This will make it easier for workers to see that they are receiving at least the national minimum wage. Also, the new payslips will ensure that all employees are aware of any holiday entitlement.


The national minimum wage as of April 2019 is outlined below:

The aim of the move is to target loopholes which agencies have been exploiting. These loopholes allow agencies to pay agency staff less than permanent employees are paid – for performing the same duties.

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy says itemising the number of hours worked will make it easier for employees to see if they are being paid in full and at the correct rate according to The Guardian.

Greg Clarke, Business Secretary, said in 2018, that he hoped to implement recommendations put forward by Matthew Taylor. A review commissioned by the government last year included some proposals such as:

    • New Legislation giving workers the right to request a contract after 12 months service
    • Naming and shaming employers who fail to pay out after tribunals
    • A change in the law to force companies to give paid holiday to vulnerable workers

Taylor welcomed the government’s response, with him saying, “It will make a difference to the lives of the most vulnerable workers and that is what matters … but there is more work to be done to encourage the government to be bold in living up to its commitment to good work for all.”

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