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What is a payroll vendor?

We are all now used to operating through Vendors in the recruitment industry, whether it be a Master Vendor or a Neutral Vendor. Well, this is a similar concept, but for managing the payroll of your workers.

Get your payroll mooving in a cost effective;compliant;transparent way.

We are


At Moolah payroll written logo we understand how costly it can be to make the wrong decisions when choosing how to pay your workers and with so many options in this ever changing market, we will work with you to make sure you are getting a cost effective solution whilst ensuring compliance, transparency and efficiency.

We have sourced the market and have a supply chain of providers, all fully vetted and ready to engage with your workers and provide you with a hassle-free outsourced facility.

Whether you are looking for PAYE, Umbrella, CIS or Limited Company we will find you place you workers with a supplier that can provide these services much cheaper than you or we could do it ourselves, and the best part is that you’ll only ever have to deal with us.

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